Hero Launch

    At least several times a week we watch, hear, or read about the inequality in housing. And every week we discuss how to make no one seems to have the answers to the problem. We do not claim to have the answers to solving the large scale problem of housing inequity, but we have a solution for helping as many families or individuals as we can through our Hero Launch Program.

    We are proud to announce the Hero Launch Program. This program is dedicated to helping people own affordable housing. We are currently interviewing the final three building companies to see who best fits with our vision. The homes will be 1200-1500 square feet in size on average, with either two or three bedrooms. It is our goal to build at least five homes per year across the United States. Starting in early 2022 we will open the selection process for the families or individuals applying for the homes. Check back on this site in early 2022 for the criteria and requirements to apply for the program. 

    We are partnering with professional athletes, entertainers, and influencers to offer small-run private label clothing; 50% of all profits from these sales will go to fund the Launch Program. The athlete, entertainer, or influencer will help us pick the recipients of the housing program. 

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