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About Us

After spending 25+ years in the fitness industry, and making or buying thousands and thousands pieces of clothing... we realized there has to be a better way. The fitness clothing industry is wrought with disregard for the impact that "fast fashion" has on the environment today and for generations to come. So we studied and learn as much as possible about "slow fashion" a format or style that highly encourages clothing brands to make small but dramatic changes to how they make clothing, we are now fully engaged in the "slow fashion" format. Then we decided that we wanted to make clothing that is a functional and comfortable as humanly possible, while being as eco-friendly as possible. We are committed to continue evolving as a brand, to never settle for being just "good enough"...

The choice is yours… Are you going to continue unsustainable shopping habits? Or will you Raise Your Standards and reclaim our planet?— When you choose Hero Athletica, we promise that our clothing is hand sewn in California, and that everything, including our packaging, is truly eco- friendly.

On top of that, we will plant not 1, not 2… but 14 trees for every single purchase you make.

Start recycling plastic waste and plant your first 14 trees today!

Hero Athletica  — Raise Your Standards!