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About Us

It’s time for a change… So we changed!

We admit it. Over our 20 years in the fitness business, we have been part of a problem. A problem that has polluted our environment with toxins and filled our oceans with plastic. A problem that has cost the jobs of countless working Americans, and depressed the wages and work conditions for just as many workers overseas. A problem that has flooded the market for apparel with cheaply produced, low quality garments every year…

So we shut down our family run business for six months, and decided to Raise Our Standards…

We stopped utilizing overseas production, stopped using cheap, unsustainable materials, and set one important goal: to create our owndesigns and manufacture them locally here in America in truly sustainable fashion.

Our relaunch is only a beginning…We have sourced fabrics in line with our sustainability goals; i.e. fabric made from fully biodegradable bamboo, soy, hemp, micro-modal, cocotex, organic cotton, or recycled plastic. We partnered with a local supplier who turns plastic waste into these super soft, functional and durable fabrics, perfect for sportswear. So when you purchase a pair of leggings or a sports bra, you effectively remove any where from 18 to 22 plastic bottles (respectively) from the waste cycle — that is a real difference.

The choice is yours… Are you going to continue unsustainable shopping habits? Or will you Raise Your Standards and reclaim our planet?— When you choose Hero Athletica, we promise that our clothing is hand sewn in California, and that everything, including our packaging, is 100% eco- friendly.

On top of that, we will plant not 1, not 2… but 14 trees for every single purchase you make.

Start recycling plastic waste and plant your first 14 trees today!

Hero Athletica  — Raise Your Standards!